Instrumental and Vocal Music

  • The Clyde-Savannah Music Department is a fun-filled and active part of life at school. There are over 9 concerts a year. Band, Chorus, Jazz Band, Elementary Orff Instrumental Groups, and select groups like the “C.S. Aces” and “C.S. Queens” are all a part of the distinguished department we call Music. Clyde-Savannah Musicians also participate in All-County at all three levels (elementary, junior high and senior high). Overall, more than 70% of the entire k-12 student population is involved in some musical performance group.

    Two of the biggest musical shows at the high school level are the C.S. Jazz Band Concert in June and the C.S. Variety Show which is held every year on the first Friday in April. Both of these shows draw large crowds. The Jazz Band Concert, which packs either the high school front lawn or the Clyde Village Park with audience members,  showcases performances by all of our wonderful jazz bands.  The Variety Show is a “standing room only” show that is traditionally soldout. Students’ individual and personal talents can be displayed on stage at the Variety Show. Dance Acts, Comedy, Bands and Singers perform as well as group production numbers and refreshments are sold. It’s a wonderful viewing of Clyde-Savannah and all the student (and sometimes staff) musical talent.

    Music can reach students that haven’t been reached in other classes.  Students who were “outcasts” sometimes excel in music which turns their attitude towards school around as they start feeling accepted and goal-oriented. Others who were struggling with academics are able to keep a positive self-image because they feel they can do well in music. Even students who do well in school benefit from being involved in a musical performance group. Academic scores, accountability and accepting responsibility all improve for many students involved in the school music program. It has been researched and proven that music greatly enhances intelligence and success in school.


    The choral music program at the Middle-Senior High School is very active.  The senior high chorus has participated in Singing Festival Competitions and traveled to such places as:  Boston, NY City, Toronto, Washington D.C., Florida, The Bahamas and even Los Angeles California!  In all of the competitions that the chorus students have participated in they have received excellent and outstanding ratings from judges.

    The other huge musical extravaganza that the chorus participates in is the Annual Variety Show.  Students sing, dance, act and even do commercials for this show.  Students who are not in the choral music program are also welcome to audition to get into this fun-filled show.  The Variety Show is traditionally sold-out with more than 500 people from the community attending.

    For more information regarding the Choral Music Program at the Middle-Senior High School contact:

    Ms. Pamela Teelin, (315) 902-3050-


    Band is designed to provide instrumental music students the opportunity to utilize their musical skills in a large group setting.  Students are also required to participate in small group lessons (seniors optional). It is understood that all the students are at different degrees of musical proficiency and music is chosen to accommodate those differences while still encouraging higher skills levels. The music can vary from current pop to standard classical band literature.

    For more information regarding the Instrumental Music Program at the Middle-Senior High School contact:

    Mr. Mike Witter, (315)902-3050 -


    The C-S Elementary School Music Program is providing wonderful musical experiences for students in Grades k-5.  Instrumental lessons begin in 4th Grade.  Students in Grade 3, 4 and 5 are able to sing in the chorus.  All General Music classes use Orff instruments such as xylophones and drums to enhance their musical learning experience.  Recorders are also played by students in Grades 3 and 4.

General Music

  • The Clyde-Svannah Elementary General Music Program grades Pre-K - 5 is involved with having fun with music, learning music following the National and New York State Music Standards, and integrating themes and concepts with the general ed. teachers.  Each Elementary Class has one 40 minute music class per week.  These classes develop both skill and understanding in the basic elements of music through experiences in body percussion, speech, singing, movements, folk dance, games, drama, and the playing of pitched and unpitched percussion intruments and recorders.  

    The music program is largely based on the philosophy and practices of Orff Schulwerk, a dynamic approach to music education developed by the German composer Carl Orff.  This approach is characterized by active involvement in music-making through the body, voice, movement, and work on specially designed Orff instrments.   It recognizes the many doors through which a child can enter the musical world and provides opportunities for aura, visual and kinesthetic learners to feel successful in music via a multidimensional approach.  The nurturing of the whole musician who can hear, feel, understand, and physically express music contributes to the child's ability to synthesize the intellect, senses, emotions, and physical body in ways that have important implications in their total educational experience.  The social dimensions of group music-making are also a central quality of this music program. 

    The third and fourth grade students have a special opportunity to integrate music with social studies and other general classroom themes.  The talented local singer Nancy Bryan and her husband John come into the music classes and do songwriting with the students on themes from their general ed classrooms.  The Bryans professionally record the students singing their songs and each student receives a CD of their music.  This quality program has given the students an invaluable experience with music and a much deeper understand of the classroom topics they wrote and sang about.