Special Education

  • 4/3 Update
    Dear Parents and Guardians:
    As you know, Clyde-Savannah Central Schools are closed until April 15.  In order to be prepared for an extension of this closure, we have begun preparing to host IEP meetings remotely starting on April 16.  Your student's special education teacher will be contacting you in advance of these meetings to review next year's proposed IEP, solicit your input, capture any questions you have, and to explain how you can participate in the meeting remotely.  
    Additionally, we are preparing to offer "tele-therapy" for services such as speech/language starting the week of April 13. Service providers will utilize a secure video platform that meets privacy regulations.  If your child receives services as part of his/her IEP, you will be contacted by a service provider to discuss times for your child to participate, and to offer further details.  Please know that you will have the right to opt-out of this service if desired.
    Please email chris.nicol@clydesavannah.org or call 315-902-3000 during normal school operating hours if you have any questions or concerns.



    3/27 Update

    Dear Parents/Guardians:  As you may know, Governor Cuomo extended statewide school closure until April 15. All IEP meetings remain postponed until that date.  If the Governor directs schools to close beyond that date, we will consider alternate methods to conduct IEP meetings in a timely manner. Please check this webpage and the Coronavirus Resource Center webpage for further updates.


    Letter From the Special Education Department (3/17)

    2019-20 Counseling Draft Plan

    The following offices are located at the Clyde-Savannah High School, 215 Glasgow St, Clyde, NY 14433.

    Chris Nicol
    Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services
    McKinney-Vento Liaison
    315-902-3000, ext. 1043

    Lisa Wheeler
    Secretary for Special Education
    315-902-3000, ext. 2114

    Megan Furman
    School Psychologist for Grades 6-12
    315-902-3000, ext. 4036

    Melanie Cerra
    School Counselor for Grades 6-8

    Laura Bliss
    School Counselor for Grades 9-12

    The following offices are located at the Clyde-Savannah Elementary School, 212 E DeZeng St, Clyde, NY 14433.

    Amy Fisher
    School Psychologist for Preschool
    315-902-3000, ext. 20179

    Edmaris Hoffman
    Elementary School Counselor
    315-902-3000, ext. 20143

    Joseph DeWolf
    School Social Worker

    Heidi Lloyd
    K-12 ENL (English as New Language) Teacher