Top Ten Questions About Special Education Meetings

  • When will I get a copy of my child's IEP?
    A finalized copy of the IEP will be mailed home within 3 weeks. 

    Doesn't my child have the 55 safety net for all of his/her classes?
    The “safety net” only applies to Regents exams. If a student with an IEP scores between a 55-64%, it will still be considered passing. A passing grade for a class is 65% for all students. 

    Can I bring someone to a meeting?
    Yes, but please notify the Special Education office within 72 hours of any additional attendees by calling 315-902-3040. 

    When will the changes go into effect?
    For Annual Reviews, changes will go into effect at the beginning of the next school year. For re-evaluations and program reviews, changes will go into effect during the current school year, after the CSE meeting has occurred. 

    Can we make students with an IEP exempt from a foreign language?
    There are several criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for “Language Other Than English” (LOTE) exemption. Specific data based on testing and academic information will be utilized to make the decision. LOTE exemptions can impact a student’s graduation pathway. 

    I can't make the meeting. What should I do?
    A phone conference during the meeting is always a good option. Please notify the Special Education office if this is what you would like to do, and provide the best number to reach you at the scheduled time of the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting in person or by phone, your child’s case manager will contact you to review the outcome. 

    I have a meeting coming up. What should I bring?
    Parents should bring any relevant medical information related to a diagnosis. They should also bring perspectives on their student’s struggles, strengths, and anything they might notice about what is impacting school performance at home. 

    What can I expect at a meeting?
    A CSE meeting starts with introductions and a sign-in. Parents, teachers, student (if applicable) will be asked to share progress and relevant data. Updated testing will be reviewed (if applicable). The Committee will discuss what types of support are appropriate in and outside of the classroom. This includes program, classroom accommodations, related services, special transportation needs, and testing accommodations. A start date for the IEP will be determined at the end of the meeting. 

    What if I disagree with the recommendations?
    The committee’s purpose is to hear from all stakeholders and make decisions on what is most educationally appropriate to support the child’s success. There is a process outlined in a document called “Procedural Safeguards”, which is mailed home with the child’s IEP at the beginning of the year, that describes steps to take when there is disagreement. 

    Who is going to be at my child's meeting?
    Members of the committee will depend on whether the meeting is a full or sub committee. A full committee consists of a chairperson, school psychologist, general education teacher, special education teacher, and related service providers (if applicable). A subcommittee can consist of as few as a chairperson, general education teacher, and special education teacher. Those in attendance at the meeting will be listed on your invitation.