• The People That Move Our Students

    If you have any question or concerns regarding the transportation of your child on a bus, please contact the Bus Garage at 315-902-3090. 

    Need to change to a different bus?  Please read the following:

    When parents/guardians make late changes to bus arrangements this creates a disruption to our dismissal process. This can lead to an unsafe situation for the children. We therefore need to be sure that everyone follows these steps:
         1. Bus change requests must be presented to the respective school building offices by 9:00 am. They need to include the complete name and address of the place where your child will be dropped off.
         2. No changes may be made over the phone or through text messages.
         3. Changes should be limited to only those absolutely necessary. We are not able to honor request to change transportation for play dates, parties, etc.
         4. In the event of an unforeseeable emergency, please contact your respective school office directly, no later then noon.
    5. Any permanent changes to transportation need to be formally changed with the approved transportation request form and returned to either the school building or transportation department.

    We know that you share our concern for the safe and orderly dismissal from school. By following these procedures, we are confident that all students will have a safe trip home.

Transportation Staff


    Shari Forsythe
    Director of Transportation

    Stephen Bockus
    Head Bus Driver
    (315) 902-3090