Special Education

    In preparation for the start of school, the Special Education Department is working to ensure that students with Individualized Education Programs and 504 Accommodation plans are getting the supports and services deemed necessary, to the greatest extent possible.

    As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we will need to prepare for several different scenarios.   Teachers and other service providers will be creating a learning plan that outlines how they will provide the supports and services on IEPs and 504 plans for the different learning environments we may be presented with this upcoming school year.  Educators that work with your child will be contacting you to review the plan and solicit your input on what methods work best in these different learning settings. 

    If your child is due for an evaluation, or a re-evaluation, please know that we will be scheduling these testing sessions as soon as possible.  Parents of children scheduled for testing will be contacted with updated information and consent for evaluations to occur.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Special Education office by calling 315-902-3040, or email Chris Nicol, Director of Special Education/PPS at chris.nicol@clydesavannah.org



    The following offices are located at the Clyde-Savannah High School, 215 Glasgow St, Clyde, NY 14433.

    Chris Nicol
    Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services
    McKinney-Vento Liaison
    315-902-3000, ext. 1043

    Lisa Wheeler
    Secretary for Special Education
    315-902-3000, ext. 2114

    Megan Furman
    School Psychologist for Grades 6-12
    315-902-3000, ext. 4036

    Melanie Cerra
    School Counselor for Grades 6-8

    Laura Bliss
    School Counselor for Grades 9-12
    The following offices are located at the Clyde-Savannah Elementary School, 212 E DeZeng St, Clyde, NY 14433.

    Amy Fisher
    School Psychologist for Preschool
    315-902-3000, ext. 20179

    Edmaris Hoffman
    Elementary School Counselor
    315-902-3000, ext. 20143

    Joseph DeWolf
    School Social Worker

    Heidi Lloyd
    K-12 ENL (English as New Language) Teacher