Career & College Counseling

Honor Roll Criteria

  • Principal's Honor Roll 93 and above
    High Honors 90-92.9
    Honors 85-89.9
    A student with a grade of Incomplete (I) or a Failing grade in any subject area is ineligible for Honor Roll.  Students must be enrolled in 5 courses plus Physical Education.  All courses are used to compute quarter/final  average

Course Selection

  • Course selection for students grades 8 through 11:

    Students will receive a copy of the requests they made during January and February. These requests were made in conjunction with teacher recommendations and student interests. 

    Due to the complication of the scheduling process, students have until March 31st to make changes to these requests. After March 31st, the only requests that will be honored are due to failing a class, meeting a prerequisite for a more challenging course, or change in diploma type for a more advanced diploma. Schedules were made based carefully on the number of requests received for each course. Because of this involved process, we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these deadlines.