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Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week:

2/11/22: Parker Miller (Varsity Bowling)

1/28/22: Christopher Reed (Football, Indoor Track, and Swimming)

1/14/22: Tyler Kell (Indoor/Outdoor Track) 

12/17/21: Aiden Record (Varsity Swimmer)

12/9/21: Jaida Larsen (Varsity Basketball)

11/5/21: Taylor Carnevale (JV Volleyball)

10/29/21: Madison Secor (Varsity Volleyball/Tennis)

10/22/21: Lance Lippert (Varsity Football)

10/8/21: Quillan Shimp (Cross Country)

 9/20/21: Kylie Paylor (Cross Country)

9/13/21: Kelsie DiSanto (Volleyball)