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MS/HS Digital Spirit Week: 3/30-4/3

Middle School and High School students and staff are encouraged to participate in Digital Spirit Week. DM cs_student_council on Instagram to submit a photo or video. Each day has an outfit theme and a corresponding challenge that you can submit.

Monday 3/30: Disney Outfit --- Build an Airplane Challenge inspired by the Disney movie Up --- take a picture or video of you flying or making a paper airplane
Tuesday 3/31: PJ Day -- Build a Fort Challenge --- take a picture or a video of a fort you built
Wednesday 4/1: Sports Team Outfit - Physical Fitness Challenge -- take a picture or a video of you being physically fit (Push Ups, Shooting hoops, Yoga, Going for a walk) 
Thursday 4/2: Cozy Day -- Indoor Picnic Challenge --- take a picture or video of you having an indoor picnic 
Friday 4/3: Purple and Gold -- Baby Picture Challenge --- take a picture of you as a baby
FOR HS STUDENTS: This will count as our inter-class games. Every day HS student council will count up how many students participate. Each student can earn 1 or 2 points if they do just the outfit or challenge or both. 4 points will be awarded each day to top participant, 3 to 2nd place, 2 to 3rd place, 1 to 4th place.