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BOE Candidate Biographies

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.


Pamela Anstee

Address: 1167 Jenkins Rd, Clyde, NY 14433

Phone Number: (315) 923-3491

Pamela Anstee

Personal History: Lifelong resident (Class of 1970), married to Donald Anstee (retired bus driver and active farmer) for almost 46 years. Three adult daughters (Amy Haskins of Clyde, Linda Anstee of NC, and Becky Anstee of Clyde).

Present Occupation & Employer: Retired after 30 years of teaching at Clyde Elementary.

Educational Background: C-S Class of '70, B.S. from SUNY Geneseo, post grad courses from SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Oswego, and Wright State University (Ohio).

Community Activities: VP of Galen Historical Society, United Methodist Church- choir, food pantry, committees, and dinners.

Reason You Want to Become a C-S Board Member? Running for re-election to continue work on updating our policies and developing a user-friendly handbook for new C-S board members. I want the best possible education for our students in healthy and modern facilities, while keeping our taxes as low as possible.


Anthony Nicoletta

Address: 15 Fulton Street, Clyde, NY 14433

Phone Number: (585) 737-1970

Anthony Nicoletta

Personal History: Lived and grew up in Clyde my entire life. Married to Shelly Nicoletta and have four children together: Marissa, Vincent, Rocco, and Lucy.

Present Occupation & Employer: Vice President and Owner, Nicoletta Building Contractors, Inc.

Educational Background: Clyde-Savannah graduate of 1999, associate's degree- Cayuga Community College, bachelor's degree- St. John Fisher School of Business (2004).

Community Activities: Youth football coach since 2013.

Reason You Want to Become a C-S Board Member? I would be a great asset to the board because of my background in finance and business studies and owning a business in town. I want to be a board member to continue and support the positive direction and growth of our district.


JoAnn Salerno

Address: 18 Burton St, Clyde, NY 14433

Phone Number: (315) 879-0926

JoAnn Salerno

Personal History: Lifelong resident of Clyde. Two children, LeSean, 29, and McKenna, 19.

Present Occupation & Employer: Presently self-employed as a pediatric Speech Language pathologist and motivational speaker with concentration on repairing/building connections with students growing up in traumatic and/or poverty to improve outcomes.

Educational Background: Masters of Science- Nazareth College.

Community Activities: Volunteer at Family Promise, Wayne County shelter for homeless families, member of school board.

Reason You Want to Become a C-S Board Member? I would like to continue as a C-S board member to improve diversity on the board. My perspective is unique to the board, which opens new lines of dialogue and improves awareness and perspective as it relates to our most vulnerable students and families. My early path in life, as a child growing up in trauma and poverty, afforded me the opportunity to view the academic experience differently than most typical board members. My present career, working with students with disabilities/delays, affords me another important perspective. I am a fierce advocate for disparged groups and for eliminating the obstacles put in place by poverty and trauma. I would be honored to continue my tenure as a C-S school board member. I would love the opportunity to continue serving the students, staff, faculty, and community in this important role. If re-elected, I promise to always place the students of our district at the top of my priority list when making decisions. Thank you.


John Sloan

Address: 1658 N. Main St., Savannah, NY 13146

Phone Number: (315) 365-2502

John Sloan

Personal History: I am a lifelong resident of Savannah. My wife and I raised our three adult children here and they are all graduates of CSCSD.

Present Occupation & Employer: I retired in 2013 after 42 years working for the CSCSD as the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.

Educational Background: I graduated from CSCSD in 1971.

Community Activities: I have been serving the people of Savannah as a Town Councilman since 2014. I am on the board at the Savannah Family of God Church and spend time helping those in need in the local community.

Reason You Want to Become a C-S Board Member? Being a lifelong resident, high school graduate and retiring from CSCSD, I believe that I have invaluable knowledge and experience that is necessary to continue representing our community and to ensure that our community has a voice in making educational and administrative decisions for our school district/children.


Elizabeth Smith

Address: 13866 Savannah Spring Lake Rd, Savannah, NY 13146

Phone Number: (315) 283-4740

Elizabeth Smith

Personal History: Jessie Ball (spouse), Alijah Tokarz, Ayden Tokarz, Bailey Ball, Gunnar Ball (children), lived in district for one year.

Present Occupation & Employer: Stay at home mom, but also an LPN.

Educational Background: Graduated high school, then went through LPN school and graduated with honors.

Community Activities: Savannah Family of God Church, raising my four children.

Reason You Want to Become a C-S Board Member? I have a handicapped son in district and one with a 504 plan. I want to make education better for everyone.