Classroom Celebrations

Food and Beverages provided, but not sold to students during the school day:

The District is committed to ensuring that all foods and beverages available to students on the school campus during the school day support healthy eating. Federal and State mandates require that all food and beverages offered, or served to students during the school day must meet or exceed the federal nutrition standards known as USDA Smart Snacks in Schools. Information on Smart Snacks in school can be found by clicking the link below:

Healthy Classroom Celebrations

Students learn what they like so let's create healthy environments for our students!

The district is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all. The district suggests non-food alternatives for special events and classroom celebrations. A list of alternative ideas can be found in the files below.

Providing healthy classroom celebrations demonstrates a school commitment to promoting healthy environments for students to learn. It supports the classroom lessons students are learning about health, instead of contradicting them.

Action for Healthy Kids

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

This Institution is an equal opportunity employer