We understand students may need to take medication(s) during school hours in order to attend school, participate fully in the education program, and maintain an optimal state of health. 

This applies to medication medically necessary for the student to take while in school or at school sponsored events; this does not apply to medications that may be taken at another time of day.

All students will need a written doctor's order for that medication along with parent/guardian signed consent to administer the medication at the start of each school year and any time there is a change in the medication order. Medication orders do NOT carry over from year to year.

This requirement of a written order applies to medications that are both administered by health care professions/school staff and those taken by a student at school who is able to self-administer their own medication. If your child is to carry their medication, be sure the doctor marks the appropriate box for self-carry. 

This requirement of a written order applies to over the counter (do not require a prescription) medications and also requires a written doctor's order and signed parental consent. 

Please have the doctor complete the medication order page, then sign it and return it to school with the medication. These order pages can be found on the school website.

  • All medications must be brought to school by a parent/guardian/adult

  • The medication must be properly labeled in orginal pharmacy bottle (you can ask your pharmacy for 2 bottles for school and home)

  • Over the counter medicine is required to be unopened and in its original packaging.

  • Signed parental consent required.

Medication must be picked up by the end of the school year or it gets discarded. You can arrange time with your child's nurse to pick up medication. 

If your child has medications for diabetes, allergy & anaphyalaxis, asthma or seizures please also see the Emergency Care Plan section. 

EpiPens: Education Law Article 19 & 902b states that unlicensed personnel may be trained by a registered professional nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA) or a physician to administer emergency epinephrine via auto-injector to a student with a patient specific order and written parent/guardian consent for such medication. 

Narcan: Education Law Article 19 & 922 permits any school in NYS to choose to provide and maintain opioid in instructional facilities antagonists to ensure ready and appropriate access for use during an emergency to any student or staff suspected of having an opioid overdose regardless of opioid abuse. 

Medication Order Form